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My Doubts, My Faith, My Journey

Why Did This Happen to Me?

I got this mask on one of my visits to Southeast Asia. I go there to help girls who’ve been trafficked—labor or sex trafficked. Some of these kids are just little children— kindergarteners or pre-schoolers. Most are teens and pre-teens.

Here’s another souvenir that I got there. It’s a ball cap. Some of the girls wrote their names on it. It has the word “HOPE” embroidered on the front.

On one occasion, I was working with a small group of girls, introducing them to a curriculum that I had written designed to promote their emotional and spiritual recovery and healing.

Afterwards, I was cleaning things up, and one girl stayed behind to help. I could tell that something was weighing on her heart.

“Kerry, I want ask you question?” she began in her best broken English. She continued by saying, “If God loves me, why did he let this happen to me?” I was caught flat-footed.

I can’t remember what I told her at the time. But I want to note this: Every belief system has it’s own version of how it would answer the “Why Did This Happen to Me?” question.

Atheism says: “Bad luck” The universe is indifferent to your suffering. It’s all meaningless anyway. Soon death will annihilate you. Not much hope in that.

Buddhism, the belief system of this girl’s homeland, says: “Bad karma.” You got what you deserved. Now you must work off your karmic debt and hope that you don’t accrue more. Not much hope there.

Christianity says: “God cares.” He not only has a home awaiting you in eternity but also knows how to redeem your pain now. And ultimately, you will receive complete justice.

Bad luck. Bad karma. God cares. Only one of these belief systems offers hope. The question is: Is this hope more than wishful thinking?

That’s what we’re exploring in these videos.

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