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My Doubts, My Faith, My Journey

Does Evil Disprove God’s Existence?

Maybe you’ve heard this argument against God.

  • If God were all good and loving, he would destroy evil.
  • If God were all powerful, he could destroy evil.
  • But evil remains.
  • So there is no good, loving, or powerful God.

Can you see the mistake in this argument? It’s in that word evil.

What type of evil are we talking about here? We’re talking big evil, universal evil.

It’s evil like raping children, murder, genocide, and racism. Big evils.

Big evil is bigger than individual preference or government decrees. Individual may abuse children. Governments may be racists. Still those things are evil.

Big evil requires a bigger good. And a bigger good requires moral law. Moral law requires a moral lawgiver. And the only Lawgiver who’s bigger than the individual or government is God.

So rather than evil disproving God’s existence, it’s actually evidence that a big God who is good, loving, and powerful does, in fact, exist.

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