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Bring Joy

At Compass, we fund projects that change people’s lives forever…for good.
Sometime back, Pastor Kerry met with Dr. Stanley Mutunga, the co-founder and Director of Tumaini International Organization, an organization that serves AIDS orphans and vulnerable persons in Kenya. When these two leaders met, they discussed ways that Compass Church could make a positive difference in the lives of the most needy in the region where Tumaini works.
Dr. Mututunga spoke about a family of five—a widow and her four children. He told about the deplorable conditions in which this family lives.
Pastor Kerry realized that this was exactly the type of project that fit Compass Church’s “Bring Joy” initiative, which leverages the church’s resources to change lives forever…for good.

House Before

Compass got behind this project in a big way, and it wasn’t long before the funds were raised to build the house for this family. Tumaini gave the green light on constructing the house. However, weather conditions did not cooperate. It was the rainy season, and construction was delayed. The family would have to spend another wet and miserable winter in their old dilapidated, one-room house where cooking is done in a corner of the room on the dirt floor. The latrine was a pit outside the home screened with a few scraps of sheet metal held up by some branches scavaged from the surrounding field. See to the left of the photo below for a view the latrine.

Home After

Now the home has a secure door, and there are windows to let daylight in. It’s still small by US standards, but it probably feels like a palace for this family. Now the kids have a clean and comfortable place to do their school work by the light of their solar-powered lamp.

Education is highly prized in Kenya. It’s the route from a life of poverty to personal and family security. Tumaini provides school fees and basic family needs through its child sponsorship program. To learn more about it, click this link.

Both as a church and as individual members, we sponsor a number of Tumaini children. However, with this project, we wanted to direct our generosity in a way that would bring tangible, immediate, and life-changing aid to a family in need.

We were delighted to partner with Tumaini on this project.

Your Generosity Is Changing Lives

Small churches like Compass sometimes suffer from an inferiority complex compared to mega-churches. However, it’s not the size of the church that matters. It’s the size of our God. And God does big things through small churches. When He moves in the hearts of His people, good things result. Just ask Kanini and her siblings about the church that has had the biggest impact on their lives. I bet I know their answer.
Mother Agnes with her children (youngest to oldest):  Stephen, Kalondu, Mutie and Kanini (girl). Unknown child on Agnes’s lap.

Our Current Project

Chicken Feed Making Machine

That’s right. One of the cooperatives in the region has been selling eggs—a commodity that’s in high demand. However, buying feed for chickens has been eating into their profits. (No pun intended.) By supplying this cooperative with this machine, they’ll be able to maximize their profits and find a way to create a sustainable income for many families. Helping people out of poverty is one way partners of Compass can change lives forever…for good!

Our goal: $5,000.