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Host Opal Singleton ( interviews anti-human trafficking activists Theara Sath and Kerry Decker. (Listen to the whole show. Theara introduced at 7:05.)

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Theara has led dozens of awareness teams throughout her country to learn ways that individuals can make a difference in the lives of exploited and at-risk children.

Recently, she made a trip to Thailand where Burmese children and their families actually live amongst the trash in a foul junkyard.

Rapha House, in partnership with another organization, is bringing relief and opportunties to these children and downtrodden families—the poorest of the poor in the region.

Learn more about the Mae Sot project.

Learn more about the fight to stop human trafficking

Theara Sath of Rapha House is someone on the front lines in the fight against human trafficking.

She directs a program that serves hundreds of at-risk children in her country. And she works closely with safehouses for children who have been rescued from trafficking.


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