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Our New Home

get ready for a new chapter in our story





This move makes sense!

Our Story

On August 4, 2013, Compass Christian Church met for the first time on the back deck of Bill and Carolyn Staroba’s house. Some of you remember our very first church service.

From that beginning on the deck at Bill and Carolyn’s, we continued to follow wherever the Lord was leading us. It wasn’t always easy, but we were faithful.

The next stop in our journey was the chapel at the Elks Lodge. Henning and Elaine Anderson paved the way for us to meet at this location.

We rented office and classroom space across the street at The Center. Cindy Rungo has faithfully served as our Children’s Director there. And Laureen Young led many Celebrate Recovery meetings in that facility. We’ve also have conducted many Bible studies for men and women there as well.

The other day, Janice got a call out-of-the-blue from the Property Manager of Cowtown Square Dance Hall off Van Buren Blvd. in Woodcrest. Things like this don’t typically happen.

She said the church that has been renting that facility for over a decade was closing it doors, and one of its members recommended that they contact us. They had contacted no other churches in the area.

She asked if we wanted to come by and tour the property sometime in the next few days. We asked if we could come over that day, and she was gracious enough to meet with us, along with a few of their board members.

The facilities has a large room (the dance hall), where the church meets on Sunday mornings. There are plenty of comfortable, padded chairs that we can setup however we want.

There’s a built in sound system that we can use. And there’s a kitchette in the back of the room that has plenty of cabinet room, along with a refrigerator and microwave. It would be perfect as our coffee and donut space on Sundays.

Out back, there are two mobile units—one a double-wide and another a single—that serve as classrooms for adults and kids. Currently, they are configured as three large-sized classrooms.

Additionally, there is an on-site storage unit where we can keep all our church equipment with plenty of room to spare.

Out front facing Van Buren, there are two (possibly three) places where we can advertised our church and its services. Anyone who travels Van Buren Blvd. knows that it’s a heavily traveled thoroughfare with thousands of cars passing by dailly.


So what does all this cost?

The rent for the sanctuary is less than what we’re currently paying at the Elks Lodge.

And the classrooms are about one-fourth the cost of the rent at The Center.

In this time when it makes sense to economize, this move is a no-brainer.

What's the lease?

We can go month-to-month or three months running. For us, it makes sense to book the property for three months as long as we’re able.

NOTE: The church that previously rented this facility held it for over a decade. So, the property manage is open to long-term use, and she is particularly favorable towards churches.

What about social distancing?

We at Compass care about your health and well-being, that’s why we’re taking measures to do what we can to keep you well.

  • We’ll use a no-touch thermometer for folks attending services.
  • We’ll arrange seating for family groups and individuals with plenty of space between.
  • We’re making disposable masks available to those attending.
  • Those preparing and serving communion will wear masks and gloves.
  • We’ll consider any other reasonable measures that we can take, including developing specific strategies for children who attend.

Of course, for those who are concerned about public gatherings or who have compromised immune systems, we encourage you to watch our live streamed services, which will be available each Sunday on WebinarChurch.

What is our access to the facility?

The agreement is that we have use of the sanctuary until 1 pm on Sundays. 

And we have access to the classrooms anytime that we want with no restrictions.

Additionally, we have access to the main hall (sanctuary) at no extra cost anytime that it is not being used by the square dance club and its patrons.

And we get a key to the facilities! Something that we never have had at the Elks Lodge.

What about the restrooms?

There are a men’s and ladies’ restrooms in the main hall. Two stalls each. 

What about the parking?

There is more parking than we have need of right now—both paved and gravel. We’re not going to outgrow the parking lot anytime soon.

And we never have to worry about Hot Wheels days, Indian Jewelry sales, or other events taking over on Sunday mornings! Sunday mornings will be our exclusive time for worship and fellowship.

What restrictions do they have?

 Other than asking us to be good tenants (which we’re eager to do), our landlord requires that we not eat any food or drink any drinks on the dance floor. We can enjoy our snacks in the fellowship area to the back of the room near the kitchen area.

Why did you jump on this so quickly?

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often, and we didn’t want to linger, running the risk that another church may show interest.

Be assured, all of our Board members were consulted before we made this decision. And all but one toured the property before we submitted the deposit check.

When do we take possession?

Our target occupany date is July 5. We may take occupancy sooner, if we’re able to make arrangements with the current tenant. (He is the only one with the key to the trailers in the back. And he is leaving town for a few weeks.) 

One more thing

Since the current tenant is a church, they have agreed to donate all their supplies and equipment to us at no charge.

Sure. There probably will be things that we don’t need and will need to dispose of. But there will also be plenty of useful items too. And we’re grateful that they have generously agreed to give us these items.


We’re excited about beginning this new chapter in the Compass story. And we hope you will be too. We invite you to join us in prayer as we prepare for meeting in our new home.

Join Us on Our First Sunday in Our New Home!








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